In this war on terror, we must be vigilant to not be hijacked by our haters’ hate, to remain steadfast that their hatred does not belong to us. Love is something we have that they have either lost or not yet found. And as such, we best be armed with Love in this assault on Hate.


I implore you to not give up on Love, for it is your asset, not your limitation. If we put our efforts toward a mass-production of Love, saturate the battlefield with the only known substance to combat Hate, we just might cultivate an environment in which hate cannot thrive. I ask neither that you set aside your anger nor that you give up your fight. Rather, I dare you to allow your rage, your sadness, and your fear to pour out from your eyes rather than to glaze them over— to let your heart soften and bleed rather than harden and decay. I dare you, to emerge with me from behind the walls of Hatred’s barracks and fight like Hell for Love.